People mistook the big cat for a pregnant cat

Animals are capable of little tricks to get what they want. This is the case of Fred, an overweight cat from the US state of Louisiana. He was so big that many people took him for a cat expecting kittens, and Fred learned to take advantage of their mistake.

She thought 30 pounds and a ponytail was too much for her cat, so she put Fred on a diet. To get the cat moving, she took him to work with her. The cat spent the whole day running through the halls of the clinic and greeting visitors.

The cat learns to sympathize with them by falling to the ground and meowing pitifully. People thought the poor thing was hungry, because she was about to have kittens, and they gave her all they could. After a meal, Fred immediately « felt better » and went to bed purring with satisfaction.

If it was a bad day, Fred would throw a tantrum looking out the window, and a pitiful passerby would buy him a sausage or a hamburger. The cat’s owner was very surprised when she noticed that despite a strict diet and walks around the clinic, Fred continued to gain weight.

After observing the cat, she discovered his ruse. Then a notice was placed on the window of the clinic warning passers-by that the cat was on a diet because it was too big and not a pregnant cat at all.

The measure paid off and big Fred lost a few pounds, but he is still too big for a cat his age.

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