Tired dog gets stuck in the snow: There is only one way out

The astonishing event occurred at the end of January in the country’s highlands, which are famed for their temples, and the Himalayas, which also house Mount Everest.

According to the Polish o2 website, a group of travelers, including Poles, were on their way to Camp. it is one of the world’s most difficult, highest, and most picturesque roads lead there. They had arrived at South Camp. It is at 5364 m.

North Base Camp, at 5150 meters, is located on the Tibetan Autonomous Region’s side of the Himalayas. Somewhere along the snow-covered trail, to their great surprise, the men were joined by a cute little puppy and hiking with them. Apparently, it was abandoned.

Surprisingly, the four-legged friend overcame great distances and climbed higher and higher with the group. He became caught in the snow at an altitude of roughly 4300 meters and was unable to move owing to exhaustion.

As the Belgian-born, Polish-Portuguese mountaineer Oswald Rodrigo Pereira wrote on his Instagram channel, among others, he decided to carry the tired animal, which he called « pintxo », on his back. Said and done.

And so the group continued their route with their four-legged friend. They arrived at the base camp, which is also the world’s highest base, after traveling a considerable distance.

« But the most important thing here is Pintxo’s smile, » wrote Pereira, who works as a filmmaker and reporter. And indeed: In the photos, you can see the dog with a satisfied, very happy look.

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