What can humans learn from ants?

Do you know that ants make up 25% of the living world on planet Earth? In terms of each person, there are at least a million hard-working insects. Their world is no less complicated than ours, but ants cope with everyday tasks much more efficiently than humans.

We certainly have a lot to learn from them – a healthy lifestyle, sporting achievements, architecture, logistics, and the ability to live in a great friendly team.

Advanced engineering is just taking its first steps in creating robotic suits for humans, and ants are the crown of the evolution, living exоskeletons that waste no energy-carrying their own bodies.

All their power is put into action so that the African field can carry a load 5000 times heavier than itself – this is the equivalent of 300 tons for an ordinary person.

And they also have incredibly tenacious limbs, thanks to which the Asian weaver ant can carry a 100-fold burden on its outstretched legs, A 6000 km ant colony has been found on the Mediterranean coast.

A huge formation, in which at least a billion ants live in what can be called a “union of sovereign anthills”. From the outside it is very similar to the human European Union, only everything is much better organized.

Surprisingly, ants don’t know what traffic jams are, even if thousands of people are passing through them at the same time. German biologists thought they had figured out their traffic control mechanism and doubled the number of road users at a busy test site.

And then they couldn’t believe their eyes – the ants got their bearings and started moving 50% faster. And they do not need direction signs, ants have excellent topographical memory, and a rare individual can get lost far from home.

Today we know 200 varieties of « garden, field and farm » ants in which they grow and store products of plant and animal origin. In the battle against any enemy, ants are distinguished by two factors.

First, they have no officers, or logisticians, only heroic volunteers in the foreground, each fighting with all his courage. The risk of « mutiny » or shameful flight from the superior hоrdes of the enemy is nil.

Second, ants are extremely resourceful. Some rely on physical strength and the strength of their mandibles, others have developed the most powerful pоisоn.

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