88-year-old cyclist showed miracles of endurance after covering 1,500 km

Lawrence Brophy, 88, a former teacher from South Wales, completed a grueling 25-day cycling marathon, setting a record as the oldest person to ever undertake such a journey.

The British retiree cycled 874 miles and covered the route from Cape Land’s End in Cornwall to Cape John o’Groats in the north of Scotland.

Lawrence first made the trip last year, aged 87. But, to his chagrin, he discovered after completing the marathon that another man had already done the same course at the age of 87.

He was therefore unable to set a new record. But the pensioner a year later broke the record again. To complete the marathon, the former teacher had to not only tirelessly ride his bike.

In a tent, on the side of the road, or on hay bales in a farmer’s barn. But the record holder didn’t care and was impatient to reach his goal. Lawrence himself, like the strangers on his way, was not without kindness. He and his wife raised more than six thousand pounds, almost 600,000 rubles at today’s rate.

Thanks to the marathon as sponsorship for the trip. They donated the money to Llamau, a charity that supports vulnerable women and children across Wales.

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