A 9-year-old Filipino has managed to create a shelter for stray dogs

In many nations, stray dogs are a concern. Not all governments can solve this problem on their own, but with the help of the right people, many stray dogs can find homes. Interestingly, among these good people are also children who sincerely want to make our world a better place.

One of these children is Ken, a 9-year-old boy who lives in the Philippines. Ken has a dog called Chulo and he takes good care of it. One day, while walking with Chulo, Ken sees three stray puppies who are not in their best shape: they are dirty and a little scruffy.

He decided to feed them and gradually got into the habit of doing so. One day his father decided to see why his son was taking so much food off the table. He followed Ken and saw him feeding the puppies.

Ken’s dad didn’t object, but he explained that Ken would have to grow up to be able to feed his dogs at a shelter. But things turned out differently. Photographs of stray puppies and Ken’s story about his dream spread on the internet, and suddenly all kinds of people started donating to him.

Ken was able to use the money to take the puppies to the vet, and buy food and medicine for them. His father gave him permission to put the dogs in the garage, and Ken built a real shelter there, which he called the Happy Animals Club.

He lovingly set up beds for his new animals and tidied up the place himself. The puppies, which he named Black, Brownie, and Beliash, recovered quickly, and after three months were beautifully cared for dogs.

Ken easily found new owners for them, thanking everyone who helped him set up his tiny house. This is how a good deed saved three Filipino dogs and showed the world that even a child can become an animal advocate with a little help from adults.

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