91-year-old officer becomes oldest police officer

Al C Smith, 91, of Camden, Arkansas, nicknamed Buckshot, is the oldest serving police officer in the United States. But he says he has no plans to retire just yet.

The cop doesn’t move as fast as he used to, but that doesn’t stop him from patrolling the streets of his hometown. After 46 years as a deputy sheriff, L.C. Smith retired, but he couldn’t go even half a year without working. He does not like hunting or fishing. The only thing he ever liked was his job.

So he returned to the police. He was unable to hold his previous position, but that was not a problem for him. Over the past ten years. Al C Smith served as a bailiff at the police station and participated in the community watch program.

« He knows your mother and he knew your grandmother. So he has all the information about you and your life. » – jokes the mayor. The townspeople are very attached and respectful of the old policeman, who always reciprocates.

Instead of making arrests, he tries to talk to people to reach out to them. The officer claims that due to his communication and good treatment of people over the years.

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