A 70-year-old Mexican woman claims to be pregnant: a new record?

Maria de la Luz, a resident of Mazatlán in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, shows reporters ultrasound scans. According to the pictures, she is pregnant with a baby girl who is in her sixth month.

What is unusual here is that the mother-to-be is 70 years old and the editorial staff of Lemurov.net, according to experts, wonders if we should expect a new world record?

The previous record for the oldest age for a child officially belongs to Maria del Carmen Busada de Lara, who gave birth to twins in December 2006 at the age of 66 years and 358 days.

The fact of the birth and the age of the mother, given the unprecedented event, have been accurately established, but the rest is buried in a heap of scandals and speculation.

In particular, age necessitated in vitro fertilization, which Busada de Lara had to undergo illegally despite having lied about her age. In other cases where women claimed to have given birth in their teens, too little documentary evidence was collected and claims were not accepted.

Perhaps that’s why new record holder Maria de la Luz is in no rush to be candid. All she is willing to show and tell the media is the presence of pregnancy symptoms, such as toxicosis and leg weakness, and the apparently authentic ultrasound photos from April this year.

If there is no fault, then at three months of delivery it is certain that the baby will be delivered by cesarean section, and local doctors are usually prepared for this. Although they keep wondering, like almost everyone in the county, how this could have happened.

De la Luz already has seven children who have grown up for a long time. If the birth goes well, Maria de la Luz will hold a new record that will beat the previous one of 4 years in one fell swoop! One question: why do it?

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