A blind wildcat was brought to the orphanage, but a man managed to tame it with the help of Harry Potter

While some cats are easygoing, others can be very difficult. However, even the wildest cats can be tamed with patience, as Price McIntyre, a 19-year-old from Richmond, USA, was able to do.

Price had worked at a stray animal shelter for a long time, but this was the first time he had encountered a completely intractable cat who was afraid of everything. The cat, named Stevie Wonder, came to the shelter when she was five years old after living on the streets.

One wonders how he survived there – as the vet discovered, the cat was blind. However, it is possible that he previously lived at home and was thrown out on the streets due to illness.

In any case, Stevie was a very wild and unsociable cat. He hid all day and ate almost nothing, and the volunteers didn’t know how to help him. But Mr. Price had an unconventional idea: he started visiting the cat and reading Harry Potter books aloud to it.

Every day he came to the shelter and spent hours reading to the cat about the adventures of Harry and his friends. And the magic happens: if at first, Stevie ignored Price, little by little, he began to trust him.

He approached closer and closer and once even fell asleep next to the book – apparently reading calmed him down. So, over time, a special bond developed between Price and Stevie. From now on, the cat listens with interest to the reading of his friend and even allows himself to be stroked.

As pointed out by the staff of the shelter, the cat has become much more sociable, both with its congeners and with the staff. He no longer hides, but runs around the room with the other animals as if he had perfect eyesight.

Price took a liking to Stevie too. He intends to take him in as soon as his mother agrees. The young man hopes that will happen soon. In the meantime, he visits Stevie at the orphanage every day and continues to read him stories about Potter.

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