A cat helped save a newborn lamb

Scientists have discovered that cats not only cure mental illnesses but also physical ailments. Experiments conducted at the University of California have revealed that cat purrs contribute to the regeneration of body tissues in those who listen to them.

Of course, a cat will not heal serious injuries, but it will certainly have a therapeutic effect in the postoperative period. And many cats voluntarily come to the aid of patients. For example, a cat named Dora helped a newborn lamb, Charlie, recover from surgery, and she did it of her own free will.

Charlie’s mother died in childbirth and the farmer publicized the baby, realizing he had no time to care for it. The lamb was taken in by Carla and Harry, who had an animal shelter in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

The lamb was very weak and had to undergo an operation, which went well. However, a difficult recovery period awaited him. This is where Dora, the couple’s cat, came in. Dora was a foundling herself and Carla took her in as a kitten from the gutter.

Dora, a three-colored cat, was very smart and affectionate and started caring for the lamb herself. At first, Charlie sat in the cage while Dora waited for him to come out. The animals quickly became friends, sleeping and playing together.

Despite his mother’s absence, Charlie did not feel alone, as Dora was always with him. The cat licked the baby and purred its songs to him. Charlie is a big boy now, but he’s still friends with the cat.

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