A cat made a lot of money from the comfort of its seat while its owner had lunch in a cafe

Cats are amazing creatures. Sometimes they are capable of such tricks that their owners can only wonder how they managed to pull it off. For example, a Chinese cat named Mao Mao has shown his hidden talent – it turns out that he is able to earn money without moving his paw to do so.

The cat’s unusual ability was discovered quite accidentally. One day the owner took the cat on a trip, he wanted to visit his relatives. He was hungry on the way and stopped at a street cafe to eat something.

He took the cat out of its cage and put it next to his table so that Mao Mao could rest a bit from the car. The waiter, however, was in no rush to order so he had to wait a while.

While the waiter was eating, Mao Mao wasted no time staring at passers-by with pity, and his cute face touched many hearts – people who thought the poor cat needed help started throwing money in its open cage.

Mao Mao accepted the donations with dignity, he did not even stand up and only mewed in appreciation. When the master decided to continue on his way, he was surprised to find several banknotes of different denominations in the luggage rack.

It is not known if they repeated the trick, but there is no doubt that Mao Mao knows how to melt any heart, even the most hardened, with his sad look.

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