A cat with a kitten between its teeth scratched at its owner’s door, and when the latter let it in, it hid the burden and rushed at the other kittens

There are many stories already written about how a mother always remains a mother. It is the mothers who always try, in case of danger, to protect what is most precious to them: their children. And today we will have another such story.

A young man had a white beauty. When he arrived at his private home, he took her with him. She loved being outdoors and spent a lot of time there; it can be said that she could not be driven home. One day the cat became pregnant and had babies while she and her owner lived in a private house.

The guy moved the young mother to a gazebo where it was not so stuffy and hot, and everything turned out fine. The little ones grew slowly and their mother introduced them to the world around them by showing them interesting things like grasses, leaves, and sticks.

She never took her kittens inside the house, probably because she didn’t like being there herself, preferring the freedom. But one day, she had to bring her kittens there.

That night, a man in his sleep heard the sound of someone furiously scraping at the front door of the house. He was scared at first, thinking it might be a wild animal, but he opened the door. Immediately, her pet rushed into the house with one of her babies between her teeth.

He was in the house, but the animal ran into the house, and one of the cubs, was in his teeth. It was then that the man realized what was happening, a few glimmers of light playing in the dark night – it was the neighbor’s house on fire and the flames had already almost reached the gazebo.

Of course, the young man immediately called the fire brigade, who quickly arrived on the scene. Fortunately, everything ended well in the end.

The cat managed to get all her children out and hide in the owner’s house, the neighbor’s house was taken out and left in more or less acceptable condition, and the gazebo was not seriously damaged at all, only the roof has melted slightly.

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