A couple borrowed four kittens, but the kittens had their own plans and stayed in the house permanently

A very touching story happened in the town of Elkhart, Indiana. A local resident complained to an animal welfare organization that there were too many stray cats breeding around his house. The animal rescue service quickly responded and eight animals ended up in one of the city’s shelters.

The four kittens (2 boys and 2 girls) were quickly adopted by a couple. Sarah and Rick were going to keep the kittens for a few months at most until they had grown and matured properly, then they were going to find owners. But, as always, nothing goes as planned, and things turned out to be very different.

To put it simply, the husband and wife have started to become attached to cats. Rick was the first to quit; after a few days, he was so in love with each of the babies that the idea of ​​separation was too difficult for him.

Quietly, Rick began to convey to his wife that it would be necessary to keep the babies at home, but the wife was adamant – she really loved animals, but it was difficult to contain such a « herd ».

Sarah didn’t give in, and neither her husband’s pressure nor the cat’s gentleness and affection made her change her mind. It was the last day that decided everything. The next morning, the kittens were to be taken back to the shelter, where they would begin looking for owners.

Sara was sick, she came home from work, and lay down on the bed, one of the kittens, Leo, ran up to her, began to kiss her mistress, and tickle her with his wet nose. Suddenly she felt so sad to say goodbye to them…

The girl decided to leave Leo at home. But then she looked at the other pets: Finn, the boy who loved his toys so much – a mouse and a dog, the beautiful Grosette, who was the biter and scratcher, Rosie – the very, very tame of them all, who could bask in hands most of the day.

And Sarah realized that she couldn’t part with them, each of these babies is special, and each has its own character. So the kittens stayed to live together in Rick and Sarah’s house, and now the whole big, friendly family is happy.

Such stories warm the soul. Even when a single kitten finds a loving owner and a home, it is already a small miracle, and here four kittens at once received the love and care they needed.

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