A daughter gave her mother the most beautiful gift

Laurie Herbert, 59, from Indiana, has been battling liver issues since she was 17. Over the years, doctors have tried to treat Laurie’s liver in various ways, including modifications, but nothing has worked.

« The damage to his liver was too bad. Doctors said I could live one to five years with a liver like this, so it’s time to put me on the transplant list, » – says Laurie. After testing, it turned out that Jennifer couldn’t be a donor, but Jessica was the perfect candidate for a transplant.

I had mixed feelings about it because she’s my daughter, my little one, and I didn’t want to think that anything bad could happen to her because of me, – Laurie said.

« We survived and I was so grateful to be able to be a donor. We are both fine now, » – said Jessica. The Herbert family now has big plans: In August, they’re going to celebrate Jessica’s wedding in Hawaii, and then they want to take a family trip to Laurie’s favorite place.

When you are told that you will live one year to five years, you have little hope for the future. You just think, « Okay, I have to enjoy every day. » Now I feel like I look forward to each day and can make plans for the future. I told Jessica she would never have to buy me another birthday or Mother’s Day present.

Knowing that your daughter went through so much just to rescue you, you can’t even find the words to describe how you feel, » – said Laurie.

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