A driver found a cat with paint-stained paws. It turned out that he had saved the animal from a dog fight

The day when a driver from an organization found a cat with painted paws could be considered the cat’s second birthday. And all because the animal was prepared for a terrible and cruel fate.

The hero of the day is therefore a cat named Cosmo (this is what he is called at the shelter). He is an ordinary street cat-like there are hundreds and thousands of them on the streets of American cities.

One day he was caught by evil people, who painted his paws with paint, and from that moment the worst was bound to happen for him. The thing is, that’s how they mark the victims of dogfights.

This phenomenon is illegal and prohibited but, alas, it thrives in some places. Before the fight, the dogs are somehow enticed by using all kinds of animals, including purrs, as bait.

By an unknown miracle, the cat escaped and was almost immediately found and picked up by a driver, who took him to a shelter. This is where the story of the fate of the cat was told, which awaited the unfortunate if he had not been rescued by a random person.

Activists washed off the paint from the cat, which was still fresh and hadn’t completely dried, then fed and examined it. The kitten was very frightened and took a while to get used to the staff, but everyone hopes that sooner or later he will recover from this stress.

The volunteers have a lot of work ahead of them: they will first have to carry out a thorough medical examination of the cat, then send it to a rest home, and only then start looking for permanent owners for the miraculously rescued little cat.

Second, a search must be organized for people involved in dog fighting in the area. Police are unlikely to intervene, but volunteers will patrol the area for a period of time and relay information to Indiana law enforcement in the event of any strange activity.

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