A family from a city apartment moved to live in the woods

Few modern city dwellers, accustomed to comfort, would dare to settle in an isolated village.

The Errians, Bryce, 46, and Misty, 36, are raising their daughters in harmony with nature and free from the influence of the urban environment. Both chefs by profession made the deliberate decision to settle in the woods bordering the estate.

Immediately after meeting them, they talked about living somewhere in the countryside, and they often visited Bryce’s grandmother in her private home.

Misty, who had suffered from migraines all her life, liked to sleep away from the noise of the big city; she felt much better there.

The couple first looked for a fairly secluded place, and then began to build their house from natural materials. Their house is made of sand, clay, and straw, it has no running water, but there is a well and tanks to collect rainwater.

Electricity is provided by solar panels, and that’s how the couple solved the problem of utility bills – they haven’t paid a single bill in ten years. And it took them no more than $10,000 and just four months to build their house.

Their annual household expenses are only a few thousand. They own a stockyard and a chicken coop and grow their own fruits and vegetables. Also, their diet includes berries and mushrooms from the nearby forest.

The couple knows that their way of life probably won’t suit the majority of their past acquaintances, but it’s a way of life that brings them joy and a sense of self-sufficiency.

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