A family named a dog after a bookstore and made him its manager

When Stacey Gould and her family first started talking about opening their own bookstore, they never doubted for a second that their dog Ruby would also be part of the family business.

Since the store opened a year and a half ago, the friendly and adorable dog has accompanied her owner every day and helped her in every way possible. So she decided to name the bookstore Ruby – Ruby’s Books.

Ruby is now the co-owner, manager, and official representative of Ruby’s Books, and she takes her job very seriously. Ruby greets every customer at the door, turns around for a tummy rub, and sniffs the treats in their pockets and bags.

He cleans the floor by wagging his fluffy tail and pretends to read books with the little ones. In short, Ruby has a lot of responsibilities. « Customers love Ruby. We often joke that people come for the books and stay for the dog. » – Stacey Gould told The Dodo.

Ruby enjoys working in the store and socializing, but only on weekdays, and prefers to spend her weekends at home with her two-legged parents. The Gould family believes that work-life balance is important, which is why none of them work Saturdays or Sundays.

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