A grandmother adopted a possum, thinking it was a stray cat

A funny yet kind thing happened in the United States a few years ago. An elderly woman named Erica has loved animals all her life. She used to feed stray cats, as do other grandmothers around the world. On the veranda outside her house, she set up a cot and left some food and water there.

The cats in his neighborhood came to eat, drink and rest there. One day her grandson came to visit Erica and, to her surprise, he saw on the veranda, among the cats, an animal that did not look like an ordinary Murzyk.

It was an opossum, a small marsupial of the mammalian family. The opossum slept in a cat bed like a normal cat. When his grandson pointed this out to him and he asked his grandmother who he was, she replied that he was an ordinary stray cat and had been living there for several months.

She even gave him a nickname: Tete. The grandson laughed and told the grandmother that it was not a cat, but a possum, which had apparently decided to cheat a bit and pretend to be a stray.

Grandma took a closer look and brushed it off. She said even if it was, who cared? He still needed love and care. The animal was young and had apparently come here after losing its mother. He had managed to befriend the cats and behaved in a very peaceful and friendly manner.

What should we not expect from the animal kingdom!

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