A grateful squirrel visits his rescuer every day

Wild animals can also attach themselves to houses and people – it’s a proven fact. An example of the deep connection between a forest squirrel and a human family is the story of American Gregory Tyler from Kansas.

One day, Tyler found a baby squirrel in the grass near his house. It had probably escaped from its nest after being frightened by a violent storm. The little squirrel was still blind, and although he doubted he could raise it, he brought it home anyway.

Tyler and his girlfriend set up a warm nest with a heating pad for their guest and took turns bottle feeding the squirrel every three hours. They set alarm clocks and even woke up at night because their pet had to eat. Since the guys were working from home, it didn’t bother them too much.

When the squirrel, named Annie, grew up and opened his eyes, they took him out into the yard, where he quickly learned to climb and jump on a stump. Her walking area gradually expanded, but Annie did not run far and quickly returned home.

Squirrel liked to sit on Gregory’s shoulder or play with his hair, she was completely tamed. His favorite pastime was riding Jack, Gregory’s dog, and the animals got along well with each other.

When Annie climbed her first tree, the family knew it was time to part ways. The squirrel survived the winter in the house, and in the spring Gregory took his cage out into the yard and opened the door. Annie fled into the woods, which started almost next to the house.

She was gone for an entire week, and Gregory missed her dearly. But he had a surprise: the squirrel came back unexpectedly to eat nuts and play with his friends.

Annie now lives in the forest, but she visits her friends from time to time and sometimes even brings them nuts. According to Gregory, she seems very happy and loves climbing trees.

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