A guy brought two German Shepherd puppies to the shelter that had no fur

A breeder in North Carolina, USA, gave two German Shepherd puppies to a shelter that obviously had no chance of finding good owners due to their complete lack of fur.

The man claimed that they were born that way, but the animal shelter staff didn’t believe him – it was the first time they had seen a sheepdog without fur. Social workers believed the dogs were suffering from mange or some other illness, had not received proper medical attention, and had therefore lost their fur.

The brothers, named Zander and Xavier, remained at the shelter. We took them to the vet to find out what had happened to them. As the vet found out, the owner was telling the truth – both puppies suffered from alopecia.

Due to this my lady, their hair follicles were not functioning properly, which means the brothers were indeed born without hair. Alopecia in dogs can be the result of an inherited disease or an infection exacerbated by severe stress.

Regardless, it has become apparent to animal advocates that both puppies will remain naked, and future owners will need to consider that fact. Other than that, the puppies were found to be healthy and ready to go to their new homes within a month.

The shelter placed information about adopting the hairless puppies and received fifty requests. The owner of Xavier’s puppy was Tyler, a man who suffers from alopecia himself, and so they became companions of suffering and best friends.

Tyler is sincerely attached to his animal and thinks it is the most beautiful dog in the world, so he gave the puppy another name, calling him Apollo. Zander has also found a home, taken in by a couple. The pup has also been given a new name, now called Milo.

In both cases, the owners already had dogs, so the puppies are not bored – they have friends among people and animals. Both dogs are now adults and still live happily in their new homes.

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