A homeless kitten with an unusual color has found a home and has completely changed over time

An unusually colored kitten has been placed in a kitten shelter in Melbourne, Australia. This is what gave her the edge over others when it comes to adoption.
A young couple came to the shelter to choose their pet. The unusual cat immediately caught their attention.

When they heard loud purrs in response to petting, they made their final choice. The kitten was named Sasuke (after a popular cartoon character). At first, the baby looked more like a wolf cub than a kitten. The silver flecks gave it a very unusual, yet beautiful look.

Sasuke also makes a chirp-like sound instead of a meow, which makes him really special. But the vet who examined the kitten warned that the unusual color was the result of some sort of stress or trauma suffered by the mother during the pregnancy. Over time, the coat will take on the color it should have.

And indeed, over time, Sasuke had less and less silver hair and more and more black hair. It was like a rabbit changing its fur coat for a new one.

And after a few months, it looked like coal! Only a small light spot on his chest reminds him of his old coloring. The landlady said she wasn’t upset at all by this. They became attached to the kitten for its affectionate and good-natured character, and now they don’t care about its color anymore!

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