A horse fell into a well in the Ore Mountains

A horse fell into a well in the Ore Mountains: During a spectacular rescue operation, the fire brigade freed a two-year-old pony from an awkward situation.
Riding pony Maleika desperately tried to pull himself out of the well with his front hooves. But it wasn’t possible without help.

The fire brigade came with a telescopic loader. « It wasn’t an everyday mission. In the beginning, we didn’t really know how to get it out of there. But we quickly saw that the animal was at the end of its power, » says defense director Sebastian Hilbert.

Although the well was probably secured with a plate, Maleika tumbled backward into the eight-foot-deep hole. « It probably broke through. We can’t say for sure. »

With a special sling device and under the guidance of a veterinarian, the pony then went forward again into freedom.
Luckily, the horse only sustained cuts that could be sewn up. It is currently recovering from its momentous slip in the paddock owner’s stable.

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