A man changed his life by taking a walk

A year ago, life for 36-year-old Scottish mechanic Andrew Feeney looked like hell on earth. He lost his baby, his relationship with the woman he loved, and his home. The man no longer knew what to live for and was trying to fall asleep.

He decided that the only way to get those thoughts out of his mind was to take a really long walk. He created a Facebook community called Andrew’s Journey and started his journey with his dog Kai.

The man had planned to walk the distance between the city of Glasgow and Cape Land’s End. It’s a long journey for a walker: at least 500 miles, about 800 kilometers.

But those colossal numbers didn’t stop Andrew. Through his action, the man wanted not only to help himself but also to draw public attention to the psychological problems of people.

Along the way, he met many people. He told them his life and they told theirs. He himself began to help those who were going through difficult times and needed help.

The Andrew’s Journey community began to grow and new members began to join regularly. All the members actively supported each other, helping to raise funds for anyone who was experiencing psychological difficulties because their life suddenly fell apart.

Today, Andrew’s Journey is a huge support group of six thousand members, where everyone is like a big family, where everyone is ready to help each other. Once Andrew and the members of the community plan to organize trips together for everyone who needs it.

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