A man decided to help a kitten, and it changed the kitten’s life profoundly

Not everyone is ready to help a stray animal in distress. However, those who find a slice of kindness in their hearts are rewarded a hundredfold, and the story of the rescuer of a little kitten named Sticky (Velcro), began on Oct. 17, 2018, on a busy state highway. American from Oregon, is an example.

Sticky got his nickname for a reason. Very young, the kitten was the victim of ill-intentioned people who tied her to the roadway in the middle of a highway. It was early, people were rushing to work, and their cars were just driving past, either bypassing the kitten or letting it pass in front of their wheels.

It’s unclear how long the kitten was on the highway, but at eight o’clock in the morning he finally got lucky: he was spotted by a kind man. It was Silvertown’s resident engineer, Chuck Hawley, who was also eager to get to work.

« I was driving near Salem on the road to Silverton when I noticed something strange on the road. At first, I thought it was some kind of dark box, but when I approached, saw a kitten on the road, » Chuck told reporters.

Chuck – a good soul – couldn’t pass by as the others did. He stopped the car, turned on the hazard lights, and approached the kitten. However, he could not take the kitten in his arms – she was glued to the pavement with her four legs and even her tail.

Someone had just put him in a puddle of glue and he couldn’t even move. Chuck tried to remove the kitten’s legs but was unsuccessful. However, he was able to peel the glue off the asphalt and thus free the captive.

He got to work with the kitten, where he tried to wash it. The glue was very sticky and the only way to get rid of it was to use mineral oil at the vet clinic. Chuck welcomed the kitten into his home and called him Sticky. He shared the story on his Facebook, and the post quickly went viral.

The man received many reactions from around the world, and Stiki quickly became one of the most popular cats online. Today, Stika’s rescuer is a popular personality, animal advocate, and writer. Not only did Chuck change Stika’s life, but she also influenced her destiny.

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