A man finds a clever way to get the dog out of the pool

Darren Thomas was quietly shaving at his home in Cape Town, South Africa, when he heard the loud cries of his Rottweiler, Cassius. The canine, which cannot swim, had fallen into the pool and had no way of getting out on its own.

« Like many Rottweilers, Cassius doesn’t like or can’t swim, » – explained Darren. Other dog owners would probably have jumped in the pool for their pet, but Darren couldn’t afford it.

A few years ago he was accidentally caught in a gunfight and a bullet that hit him took away his ability to walk. However, the man was determined to rescue his pet, no matter what writes Inspiremore.

« I couldn’t just take Cassius out because he’s too heavy. I would have fallen in the pool if I tried, so I had to come up with another plan of protection. » – Darren revealed.

Instead of pulling the pooch out of the water, Darren started to slowly lead him up the steps so he could get out of the pool on his own. The protection operation took a long time, but the result was worth every second. Cassius is unharmed, but swimming lessons await him in the future.

And so this man finally figured out a clever way to get a non-swimming dog out of the pool.

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