A man picked up a kitten from a pub and only found out at home that his new pet had an extra set of ears

Abnormalities in nature are not uncommon, and in animals, they are, of course, just as common. We’ve told many stories on our channel about cats having extra toes on their paws, but today’s protagonist has something more interesting than an extra toe.

It was in a pub in Chicago, where a very ordinary cat lived. Well, more specifically, it didn’t just live there, and they kept him for a very specific purpose: to catch rats. Occasionally, the cat would bring the owners of the place kittens, which they always gave away to visitors once the babies were old enough.

And so in 2018 – the cat gave birth to kittens, they grew up, and the shelter staff collected them in a box and put them on the bar. The kittens quickly dispersed, and one of them was taken in by a pub regular – a man named Ted.

He and his wife had just lost their cat, which had lived with them for 20 years. The man chose a cute kitten and took it home to surprise his wife. This is how the kitten came home.

It wasn’t until they got home that the couple noticed the slightest difference: the kitten had four ears instead of two. Over time, growing up, it gave him a resemblance to a cute little devil.

The couple was initially frightened by this peculiarity and ended up taking the cat to the vet. But they were assured there that this rare abnormality posed no danger to the life or health of the cat and that its life would be exactly the same as that of an ordinary cat without surprises.

Since then, the kitten, whom the couple named Yoda, after the famous character from Star Wars, lives happily and gives his love to the people who adopted him.

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