A man took a rusty bathtub to his summer cottage to spruce up his property on the cheap

Some people are so creative that they can turn trash into an interesting piece of furniture. Sometimes it’s a way to save money, other times it’s a fascinating hobby.

And there are even craftsmen who have dedicated themselves to improving their vegetable gardens. They use objects that we usually throw away without thinking. Today’s author manages to turn a simple and unsightly object, often used by gardeners, into a masterpiece. How did he do it?

Rusty tub – an indispensable attribute of any Russian garden. The practical and « eternal » water tank miserably overhangs the seedlings. Sometimes kids splash around in it, but in general the design doesn’t feel like a personal pool. But to equip a small basin, having only a bath, you can.

The instructions are simple, large financial and physical costs are not necessary. On the chosen place of his farm, dig a recess, of suitable shape and size, lower the tub into it. Gently shape the sides.

Cover the mold with cling film and make sure it fits tightly. Fill the tub with water. The rest is entirely up to your imagination. Surround the improvised pond with stones, water lilies or other plants or make unusual sculptures.

You could put fish or turtles in the water. A pipe fixed at the bottom and whose nozzle is directed upwards simulates a fountain or a « geyser ». Your bathtub will become more than just a water tank, it will be a unique design solution – no neighbor will be able to create an exact replica of it.

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