A man walked into a pharmacy and got a second chance at life

Many people believe that everything in this life happens for a reason. And Pastor Donnie Pickerel from Greensboro is one of them. A few years ago, he walked into a local pharmacy and met pharmacist Kathleen Kirkland. The man and the woman quickly found a common language.

During all the time they spent together. The pastor never said he had lived for over 30 years with a rare kidney disease called IgA nephropathy. Doctors had told Donny his kidneys were in danger of failing when he was in his twenties, but they lasted much longer.

However, in 2019, the man’s kidneys gradually began to fail. He faced the prospect of spending the rest of his life on dialysis. Unless, of course, we find him a kidney donor.

« For me to live, someone else had to leave or give a part of themselves. » – Donny remembers. The man chatted a little more with his favorite pharmacist. They found out they had the same blood type, writes Inspiremore.

« We agreed on everything and Kathleen started getting tested. She turned out to be the perfect donor for me. » – said the pastor. In May 2020, Kathleen donated one of her kidneys to Donnie. The operation was successful and both patients are now happy and healthy.

Donny was able to return to work, and for the first time in his adult life, he began eating without restriction. « I knew Donny had a lot to give, so I was happy to help out. » – explained Kathleen.

According to Kathleen, she chose to work in a pharmacy because she likes helping people. And if she had more kidneys, she would gladly give them to those in need.

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