A mother of two daughters and a huge animal lover, faced terrible fatigue at some point in her life

A New Yorker named Janine Demartini, a mother of two daughters and a huge animal lover, faced terrible fatigue at some point in her life. She had to work hard in the vast metropolis, because the city is one of the most expensive in the world.

But even this fatigue did not make him give up his beliefs and help the SEALs. At the time of the story, Janine took in another cat from the shelter, an animal named Hirby, for temporary care.

Hirby had never known a home, but he had grown accustomed to people during his stay at the shelter. Janine took him in to get him used to apartment life, after which the plan was to find owners for him. But fate had its own plans for him. It must be said that Hirby was no longer quite young, and therefore calm.

He wasn’t very enthusiastic about his new surroundings after the orphanage, but he wasn’t scared either; he walked quietly around the apartment, trying not to cause trouble for family members and trying to stay out of their sight as little as possible.

What’s more surprising is that he woke Janine up late one night with his shrill meowing, right in her bedroom.

The first thing the woman felt was astonishment. What happened ? Why was the always calm cat acting like this? Janine knew that her children were sleeping – she had put them to bed herself, then, as soon as she got to bed, she too fell asleep. What could possibly happen? But the cat kept screaming.

Janine stood up and the animal walked towards the bedroom door, then turned and wandered after her. The woman knew a lot of stories of cats saving their masters from trouble, and then she realized that maybe Hirby was « freaking out » for a reason, too.

“Hope the kids are doing well,” was the immediate thought of Janine, who rushed after the chat. He drove her straight to the nursery, where the youngest two-year-old was sleeping.

It turned out that the girl really almost got into trouble. When Janine rushed into the room, she saw the child in the crib writhing in strange and abnormal ways. And the fact that the baby had somehow miraculously wrapped a light blanket around his neck in his sleep, getting tangled in it with his head.

And it was so tight it blocked the air. Janine arrived just in time; a few more minutes and it could all have ended in terrible tragedy. Freeing the child from his bonds, she brought him back to normal. Then, of course, there were tests by doctors, just in case, but everything turned out to be normal.

The cat Hirby, whom Janine had planned to give to a kind family, was the little owner’s savior and remained in the house forever. The woman was never ready to part with the one who had kept their family safe from harm.

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