A mysterious black animal appeared in the Polish forest

Rare shot in nature: A camera set up in Wichorowo Forest in Poland captured the incredible. A pack of wolves runs through the forest and gets closer and closer to the camera set up by the forest rangers. So far so good.

But something is wrong here: While all other four-legged friends show up with one and the same coat color, one of the wolves is presented in all black.

The video astonished many people, as normally all wolves in Poland are gray. Wamiz reports that the color anomaly prompted experts to make a very special assumption. The black animal shown may not be a wolf at all, but a wolf-dog hybrid.

If you take a closer look, you will see that the « wolf » in question is smaller than the others and has rounder facial features. His tail also looks strikingly different.

Could it be that we are actually looking at a normal dog here? If so, that would be almost unbelievable: because nature does not actually intend for dogs to be accepted in a wolf pack.

But the special situation might not last much longer – hunters and conservationists are looking for the mysterious black dog to bring to a zoo. Because should he mate with the wolves, this could lead to genetic damage within the population.

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