A near-fatal situation was transformed into a life-changing encounter

Tennessee State Police Officer Clinton Tudors was pulled over on the freeway on June 15 by a good Samaritan woman, Kaye Fiorello. She told Tudors that she had seen a dog in distress on the side of the road as she drove past, apparently suffering from heat stroke.

So the policeman went looking for him. Eventually, he found the four-legged friend, alone and left behind, near death. « I followed [the policeman] and we found her, » Fiorello wrote in a Facebook post. « She was panting like she was going to die. »

To prevent just that, Tudors spilled his bottle, cut it in two, and made the bottom half a makeshift water bowl. « The dog was scared of him but was too weak to flee, » Fiorello continued.

However, after the emaciated, white lady dog ​​had calmed down a bit, she was finally able to drink a few sips of water. Meanwhile, Tudors got some food and put it in front of her snout. He also unpacked a parasol and camp chair to give the furry friend some shade while she chilled.

Once the four-legged friend got used to the police officer, he was able to carefully load him into his car to take him to the local animal shelter without any problems. There the bitch was extensively examined and treated.

This brief encounter was enough for Tudors to take the dog lady completely to their hearts. While still in hospital, he and his family decided to adopt the falling nose.

Without further ado, the bitch was christened « Princess ». Last Sunday she was discharged from the clinic and taken home, where she quickly felt at ease.

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