A parrot helps the police find the author

On May 13, 2015, police in Michigan, USA arrived at the Durham couple’s home and found them on the floor in a pool of blood.

There were no witnesses, the neighbors heard nothing. The police thought they might be looking for a fugitive criminal. However, there was someone else in the room with the husband and wife.

An African gray parrot called Bud belonged to Martin. The bird was sent to Martin’s ex-wife, Christine Keller, and it wasn’t until he started talking… Christina was startled when she heard Bud start speaking with similar intonations as her ex-husband.

He would often utter, « Don’t shoot. » – and swore in the same way as its owner. Once the parrot reproduced a quarrel between Martin and Gilenya, which took place on the day of the crime, writes Historyofyesterday.

The « testimony » of the pen was not used in court. But that’s what convinced the police that Martin’s wife was responsible. They later discovered that Glenna had a gambling addiction. Gambling had cost her much of the family’s money. Even the house in which the couple lived had been seized for debt.

Martin knew none of this, as only Glenna was responsible for paying the bills. The woman had also been taking antidepressants for a long time and had stopped taking them. Two years later, police found notes in the text that the parrots said: That’s the woman did it.

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