A pensioner saved a fox who became his best friend

Cropper was found by animal welfare officers in the UK on a road near Turnbridge Wells. They thought the best solution would be to put the animal to sleep, but retired Mike Trowler disagreed with these arguments and took the fox in, giving it a chance to live.

It wasn’t the first time Trowler had brought home a wild fox in need of help, so he had experience. However, if previously the foxes had returned to the forest after their recovery, this was not the case with Cropper.

Mike was able to cure Cropper, and during that time they grew so attached to each other that they literally became best friends. Doctors not advising Cropper to live in the harsh conditions of the wilderness, the former patient remained at the Trowlers’ home as a pet.

Cropper fulfilled this role perfectly: he slept in Mike’s arms like a cat, walked with him on a leash like a dog and occasionally allowed himself little pranks like stealing tasty morsels from the master’s plate.

The owner and his unusual pet understood each other perfectly, and the fox liked to live in the house, he did not even try to escape into the woods. Sadly, after six years of happy domestic life, Cropper passed away, but the story of this rare friendship between man and wild animal lives on.

She inspired many citizens to support a project to help local foxes.

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