A pod of dolphins helped rescuers find a missing man at sea

This incredible story took place in Ireland. The man spent around 12 hours in the freezing water and only managed to survive with the help of a pod of dolphins.

The swimmer, whose name has not been disclosed, had decided to swim about 8 km to a nearby rock, but he did not know his strength. He lost his strength halfway through the swim.

The clothes lying on the beach, which no one returned for, were not immediately noticed, but the coast guard eventually launched a search. The search lasted almost 12 hours, and the radius was wide, which reduced the chances of success. The minutes counted because the water was almost freezing.

Suddenly, the eye of the lifeguard sees a school of bottlenose dolphins swimming around a point. The boat approached and spotted a man who was barely afloat.

The man was pulled from the water and rushed to the hospital suffering from severe hypothermia and exhaustion, but he was alive. Lifeguards admitted that if it hadn’t been for the Dolphins, he wouldn’t have been seen because of the waves and the large radius.

The swimmer himself later admitted that he remembered very little as he was on the verge of fainting. The dolphins most likely tried to help the swimmer when they sensed he was in danger and wouldn’t let him go underwater.

Instances of dolphins helping a person in distress on the water are not uncommon. According to scientists, these intelligent animals can sense the fear of humans and come to their aid if the situation calls for it.

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