A shaggy cat stubbornly tries to squeeze through the bars of the fence that surrounds one of the most luxurious cottages in the entire region

The cat was seen in the establishment as the evening approached. The tricolor animal looked extremely unsightly, and, well, what a cat should look like after ‘walking’ through the woods for over a day and a half!

Before the long journey, the cat had been left on the side of the road – the previous owner had already managed to press the accelerator and the car had gone over the line. ‘horizon.

The kitten waited a while, probably hoping we wouldn’t leave him alone. Then she waddles without haste along the road and sinks into the woods. The autumn drizzle was drizzling, and the forest belt was completely unsanitary, which made the little animal look rather pitiful.

This is how she appeared on the outskirts of the village, with tufts of hair and a bushy tail. The evening was approaching, and the time had come to find accommodation.

A less bulky animal would have hidden in the hayloft, or at the very least taken refuge in one of the barns, but that was not what the heroine dragon considered herself to be! The animal may have looked like a wanderer, but it had the heart of a king!

The cat proudly passed several village houses, then chose a two-story mansion and decided to stop in front of the most luxurious, which radiated luxury all over the neighborhood. It belonged to a man called Stanislav Igorevich, a former local farmer.

However, a problem arose. The cottage was not surrounded by a decrepit fence with a crumbling gate, but by a massive fence with forged gates. She had to climb over the fence, using a nearby tree, then, after climbing the tree, jump into the courtyard of the property.

The dog Rex, a German shepherd, was the first to see the unexpected visitor and it was with pleasure that the dog was put in the enclosure!

The sound of barking attracted the owner of the mansion, Stanislav Igorevich, who is familiar with the habits of Rex, and would not bark in vain. The animal, lurking near the flower bed, was not hard to spot.

– A foundling again. They think if I live in a nice house, I can throw animals. I have two mouths to feed in my household. It’s a good sign that the kids didn’t see the cat first, » the farmer said to himself, glancing at the « abandoned » animal.

The cat, perhaps for the first time in its life, had tasted a chicken breast – but to treat it, it had been chased off the property into the street so that no one would think of taming it. And then the entrance was closed. The cat, with a sigh, persisted in climbing the tree trunk…

When morning came. The first thing that caught the eye of Stanislav Igorevich was the animal, which perched directly on the porch step. Rex sat quietly in the enclosure: he apparently grew accustomed to her presence during the night.

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