A street cat called on a stranger to save her babies, one of whom suffered a leg injury

A mother cat from suburban Vancouver, Canada, was walking home at night when she saw a cute photo of a mother cat and her two kittens rushing for the door. How could she not let these cute creatures in, especially since the weather was bad, wet, and cold outside?

However, the cat was behaving oddly in the house, unable to find a place. Barely hiding her kittens in a corner, she ran to the door and started scratching it. She did so with such insistence that the woman understood that she had to open the door.

She rushed through the half-open door and paused expectantly, gazing invitingly at the hostess, as if to encourage her to follow her. The woman had to get dressed and walk outside again.

After walking a few dozen meters, the cat led her to an old car that was no longer running, and he picked up five more kittens one by one. Spreading them out in front of the woman, the cat, with a sweet, satisfied face, sat down next to them and began to look them in the eye.

I had to take them all too, and they goose-stepped into the house. Only one of the kittens moved in a strange way as if crouched on its paw. The woman picked it up and carried it home herself.

Initially, she wanted to raise the cat and her two kittens on her own and then find new owners for them, but now, as there are so many of them, she has decided to take them to the shelter. The shelter accepted the family of cats without question and sent them all for examination.

They were all fine, except the one with a paw. They discovered that the paw had been injured a long time ago, at least for a week, and had caught some kind of disease. The vets didn’t try to stop the infection, but they couldn’t stop it and had to deprive him of his leg to save his life.

He was later named John Silver, after a famous pirate. John Silver was a resilient boy, he survived the operation and recovered quickly, playing just as happy with his siblings, and the partial loss of a limb did not bother him, although he can’t afford all the things healthy cats do.

The volunteers of the shelter had an important and difficult task to accomplish: to find all the kittens and the mother owners. The cat must have been a pet, she is incredibly friendly and affectionate – no problem getting her into the right hands, as there will be no problem finding owners for the other stuffed animals.

Well, in John Silver’s case, things will be a bit more complicated, because a legless cat is a definite problem. However, this is not a big deal, and everyone hopes for a happy outcome – that one day this little bundle of joy will also go to a family.

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