A student has created a « third eye » that allows you to walk safely

Smartphones have long been an integral part of modern man’s life.

Even while walking, some people do not take their eyes off their phones. Which leads to them falling, colliding with poles, banging against walls, and often becoming the subject of viral videos on YouTube.

A student by the name of Minwook Pan is studying industrial design at the Royal College of Art in London. He found a high-tech, but the strange, solution to this problem.

He created a « third eye » that warns the user of obstacles while walking, while his real eyes are focused on his smartphone. The « third eye » is made of a translucent plastic material. It attaches directly to the wearer’s forehead using a thin gel pad. Inside is a small speaker, a gyro sensor, and a sonar.

If it detects an obstacle, it notifies the user via a connected speaker, writes Dezeen. The black pupil-shaped component is an ultrasonic sensor for distance detection.

When an obstacle is in front of the user, the sensor detects it and informs the user about it through a connected buzzer, – says the designer. Going forward, Minwook plans to continue working on devices that make it easier for people to interact with smartphones.

He thinks that phones are gradually changing the human body. And that many people may soon need inventions that adapt to these changes.

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