A teacher jumped into a cold lake to save a dog

Schoolteacher Bryant Fritz, from Illinois in United States, set a good example for children and adults alike by not being afraid to jump into cold water to save a dog he didn’t know. Bryant teaches science at school and his passions are dogs and nature.

One day Bryant was driving along the shore of Lake Kaufman, looking for a good fishing spot, when suddenly he noticed something unusual in the water – it was a cage with a small dog sitting inside.

Only the animal’s head was visible above the water, and Bryant realized he didn’t have much time to live. Although the water was cold, the man was not afraid to enter the lake and pull the cage to shore.

He put the dog in his car, wrapped him in a blanket, and quickly drove to the veterinary clinic. There the dog was diagnosed with hypothermia and minor leg injuries, but experienced doctors were able to help the animal

and within a week he was transferred to a shelter pending a police investigation into the circumstances of the incident. Bryant paid frequent visits to the dog named Marley by animal advocates. They became so close that Marley quickly moved into Bryant’s home, where she now lives with her family.

« I want this dog in my life, » is how the man explained his decision. He also said he had recently lost his faithful old dog to illness and it would now be right to take care of the dog he rescued.

In this way, the man, who had done a good deed, gained a new friend, who helped him overcome his bitter loss. And after his act was reported in the local press, Fritz won the respect of his colleagues and the adoration of his students, who praised his heroic act.

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