A tiger was caught around people

Another situation with the Amur tiger, a species, was recorded in Primorsky Krai. The striped animal approached people near the village of Turiy Rog in the north of the region.

According to local residents, the tiger was running along a road near Khanka Lake. Drivers noticed the animal running in the fields and on the road and posted a video on the net.

According to the Amur Tiger Center press service. The experts did not keep us waiting and went to the spot immediately and managed to catch the animal.

One of the eyewitnesses said that the tiger had fun. He ran through the fields and along the road but realized he was in an unfamiliar area and tried to return to China, but was unsuccessful.

The hunters managed to catch the animal, which had gotten lost in the middle of the fields, but before that. He was being chased by motorists, – noted the interlocutor.

It should be noted that Amur tigers often approach humans. As a rule, it is linked to starvation. These animals are captured and sent to a rehabilitation center. At the beginning of February this year, two local residents were arrested in the Pozharsky district of Primorsky Krai for illegally hunting ibex.

A tiger indirectly helped catch the poachers. The tiger had ventured into the village to eat dog meat and ran into the poachers.

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