A traveler transformed an old car into a motorbike to escape the desert

Imagine you are in the middle of nowhere. It’s 1993, you don’t have a smartphone or anyone around, and there’s enough food and water for a few days. Most people would have done it. And not on foot, as you might think, but on a motorcycle, he built in the middle of nowhere.

He had a broken down car, which got him stuck in the desert, engineering talent, and some tools. The Frenchman named the most extreme mechanic for the improvised motorbike that was used to rescue him from the desert.

It all started when Emile Leray, 43, was adventurous and reckless. This small car was not an all-terrain vehicle, but it was frequently used in the countryside. Farmers used it to haul almost anything they could haul.

The terrain Emile was driving on was very rocky. The wheels hit rocks, and he lost control and crashed into a rock. Ultimately, the car turned from a means of transport into a pile of useless metal. The Frenchman found himself stranded in the middle of the desert, 32 kilometers from the nearest town.

Luckily, Lere’s engineering skills kept it from messing up, and the broken-down car wasn’t so useless after all. The Frenchman used CitroĂ«n parts and made himself a new vehicle.

First, Emile removed part of the car’s body, which he then used as a shelter. The result is a design reminiscent of the Mad movie motorcycle. The guys were doing their duty, there was nothing to do.

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