A woman brought home a shy shelter dog and he changed beyond recognition

Animal behavior is highly dependent on living conditions, which is why the same dog may behave differently in different environments. Such is the case with Clementine, who was found by animal welfare organizations in Southern California.

Clementine was placed in a shelter, but she was still depressed and uncommunicative. She suffered from several other illnesses and was considered unsuitable for adoption by shelter staff.

And so it was that, while the other residents of the shelter left one by one for new homes, Clémentine remained in her cage. Clementine was placed on a waiting list to be put to sleep, but when she was two days away from death, a miracle happened: a woman decided to take her home.

It was Elizabeth Cossart who noticed a photo of the dog on the shelter’s website. She had no idea why Clementine was in her heart – perhaps because her vacant, sad gaze and hunched posture almost made her want to cry. She was determined to own the poor dog at the time.

Elizabeth took Clementine home and introduced her to her other dogs, Moose and Maple. They hit it off right away and it was these friends who helped Clémentine settle into her new station.

Then there were the vet visits and a long recovery process. However, after seven months, Clementine has managed to overcome her illnesses and fears, becoming a happy and affectionate dog who is happy to interact with her masters.

Elisabeth says Clementine now reminds her of an active and curious puppy, ready to play and cuddle all day. Her look and posture also changed – it’s hard to recognize the poor little thing who was afraid of everything and had no hope for anything.

Elizabeth and her husband are very happy with Clementine. They treat her with love and affection, and the dog returns the favor.

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