A woman built a house with her own hands in a dream

A woman built a house with her own hands in a dream.

Sometimes the dreams we have are so spectacular that we can’t get them out of our heads. Have you ever had a dream that made you dream? A woman in Finland had a dream about her dream house.

Inspired by this project, she decided to make this dream a reality with her own hands. The woman’s name is Riikka Sirenius. She works in a rescue service and raises her children alone. One day, very tired during one of her shifts, Riikka fell asleep and saw a house.

It didn’t look like an ordinary cottage, but it looked exactly like the kind of house she dreamed of living in. In the morning, she took a pencil and paper and drew a sketch of the building.

Then she immediately went to the construction department to show her sketch to the specialists. The architect was very interested in this creative idea and was eager to work out a project for the house. After some time, Riikka received the completed project.

The drawing showed an octagonal building and calculated all construction costs. The woman’s father helped her with the plans, but soon fell ill and construction had to be suspended. Riikka helped her father during his recovery, then returned to the project.

Summer was coming to an end, but the woman had no intention of giving up. While the wood was being made, the single mother and her children began to build the foundations and the framework.

Once again, the cold got in the way of her dreams. She was thinking of putting the construction back in place and leaving for the city, but the children suggested an alternative: to stay in the summer house and work on the project at the same time.

The construction, therefore, lasted about a year and a half. The final touch was cleaning up the territory with the help of her children and close friends.

After construction was completed, Riikka hosted a housewarming party, inviting her friends and family. Seeing such a masterpiece, built by hand, guests must have been impressed for a long time.

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