A young girl risked her studies to help her mother

Alondra Carmona, a high school student from Houston, Texas, had long dreamed of attending Barnard College, a private women’s college in New York. But the girl’s dreams nearly came crashing down when she found out her mother Martha was in serious financial trouble.

For a long time, the mother did not tell her daughter that she could not work, apparently hoping that the situation would resolve itself. But recently, Marta told Alondra that she had a huge rent debt, which she had to pay urgently or the tenant was going to evict her and her daughter as early as March.

The wife had to pay two thousand dollars for the apartment. This is the amount Alondra had set aside for her college education. She received this money through a research internship at Royce University and other part-time after-school jobs at a Chipotle restaurant. Although the money was hard earned.

Not having much hope of recouping her savings, she set up a page on GoFundMe and after just one week. Thousands of caring strangers have decided to support the young girl, who can now fulfill her dream of going to university and help her mother get back on her feet.

I love my mother very much. She did so much for me when she give me a better chance of getting a good education, – says Alondra.

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