A young girl saw a homeless man playing with a cat

One day, on her way back to her hotel, she saw a homeless man playing with a kitten at one of the crossroads. She approached them, gave them the money she had in her wallet, and also asked about the kitten and the man himself.

And the homeless man opened up to her. It turned out that the man was named Daniel and was a former carpenter who had been fired from his job and kicked out of his home. And the kitten wasn’t just his pet, he was a true friend.

A few months before, the man had rescued the animal from an almost hopeless situation, warmed it, fattened it, and cared for it. Daniel used his last money to buy medicine for the baby and then when he recovered, he bought him a toy and a litter box.

During the few months that the man and the cat spent on the streets, they met all kinds of people, good and bad. The good ones brought clothes, a little house for cats and new toys.

Sometimes someone would bring money or even food. Daniel used the money to give his cat a « chick-chick » at the veterinary clinic, and all the necessary vaccines so that he did not fall ill.

On the evening of the same day, Elisabeth published a message on the networks’ socials, and the next day she raised $200, which she gave to Daniel before leaving Chicago. She also offered him a job at one of her friend’s shelters.

She was willing to pay for Daniel’s flight, even though it was far from Chicago because she thought he was smart and loved animals.

It was then that the man realized what was happening, a few glimmers of light playing in the dark night – it was the neighbor’s house on fire and the flames had already almost reached the gazebo. Of course, the young man immediately called the fire brigade, who quickly arrived at the scene.

Fortunately, everything ended well in the end. The cat managed to get all her children out and hide in the owner’s house, the neighbor’s house was taken out and left in more or less acceptable condition, and the gazebo was not seriously damaged at all, only the roof has melted slightly.

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