A young girl took in a pregnant dog and she thanked her by placing her puppies in her arms

In the animal world, things are much simpler than in humans. There is no pretension or self-interest. Animals are honest and defenseless. They know how to love and thank their rescuers for the gift of luck.

A touching story happened in the United States. A couple who had just moved into a house dreamed of having a dog. They decided to go to a shelter for their animal to give an animal in need a chance to live a happy life.

At the shelter, they saw many dogs, but what struck them the most was a pit bull girl who was deeply pregnant. The staff told them that she had wandered the streets and now that she had arrived at the shelter, no one wanted her because she was pregnant…

The young people took pity and took Grace home. They surrounded the dog with warmth and affection and soon became the adoptive parents of eleven little lives.

And the dog, apparently as a sign of trust and gratitude, once brought all his puppies one by one into the hands of his mistress as she sat on the couch. The husband managed to capture this magical moment on camera.

It is certain that for a dog (or for any mother), her children are what she has most precious. She had to trust her owner to bring her offspring to her. She wanted to thank her for saving them. It’s so touching and sweet!

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