A young girl was separated from her beloved dog, but seven years later they found each other

A dog should never be a gift – the recipient may not be ready to take care of a pet. The Grimes family of Pennsylvania had no intention of having a pet.

But for his 10th birthday, his grandmother gave him a puppy – a cross between a spitz and a poodle. Nicole, of course, was thrilled, but her parents weren’t so happy. Nevertheless, the pup stayed with the family and was named Chloe.

Nicole looked after Chloe well, but four years later her parents decided to move out due to a successful new job offer and the young girl found out she couldn’t take the dog with her. According to her parents, dogs were forbidden in the new accommodation and Chloe was entrusted to a shelter.

14-year-old Nicole cried for a long time over this injustice, because she was sincerely attached to Chloe, but the girl could not change the situation. The dog’s name and photo reminded her of her lost four-legged friend, and she had a vague hope that the dog could be her, especially since her age-matched.

Nicole went to the shelter and picked up the dog. She wasn’t sure if it was her Chloe, but she wanted to do something nice in memory of her pup. However, the young girl gradually realized that her new pet was the same dog she had been given as a child.

Her doubts were cleared when the vet found the dog’s flea.

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