A young Israeli couple shows off their « normal and unusual » lives in hilarious comics, to the delight of millions

For more than five years, millions of people have followed the life of the Devir family of Israel. At first glance, this family is nothing unusual. They met in college, got married, moved to another city, and started working.

The first child, a girl, was born, then the second, a boy. But the thing is, the twists and turns of their lives are shown in funny comics. And they do it very well! I am part of Devir’s army of nine million fans.

I started reading and translating the couple’s comics for the Super! in 2018 and have been doing it regularly ever since. It’s amazing how well Yehuda and Maya manage their « family business ». Artists and designers’ training, work for most of them.

They are so good at selling their « social capital » that they even put their children on social media from birth. Their babies already have hundreds of thousands of followers. Apparently, for growing up.

Of course, the success of the Devir couple is not at all due to their entrepreneurial spirit. They are just young and cool. Yehuda is an excellent draftsman, he has a recognizable style, and he brings out the right details in his shots.

Maya is the mastermind behind it all, she generates ideas for new comics. But in their spare time, they’re just husband and wife with the same hassles we all have.

Lately, Devir’s creativity has noticeably diminished and that worries me a bit. There used to be new designs on the official website every week, but this year there are only a few.

Yehuda and Maya began with stories about the carefree life of newlyweds, followed by a long series of drawings about pregnancy and motherhood, and then stories about, say, the life of an adult family.

And now… the couple is interested in new trends like NFT (something from the crypto world). I’m sure it’s lucrative, but where are the new comics? ! What are you doing?

Anyway, over the years Devir has drawn stories for five books, so there’s plenty to see. Especially for Super! readers, I’ve translated new works by the authors and added proven hits.

May your family live just as active and positive. Do not forget to write in the comments, if a situation from the comic strip is familiar to you, share the good mood!

And then the princess went to bed and slept happily ever after! Young children produce an amazing amount of… er… all kinds of secretions. In any house, even if it has a large dressing room, there is always a special chair « for business ».

A man can be a great professional and be very bad at cleaning. The best scientists on the planet are still wondering about the reasons for this situation.

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