The wonderful Amazon home robot has been introduced

Amazon presented the latest innovation yesterday evening. A small robot that looks like a tablet attached to a vacuum cleaner is slated for release later this year.

The device goes by the name of Astro and is intended to make life easier and safer within your own four walls. Features include an intruder detector that kicks in when glass is heard breaking or people who don’t normally live at home are spotted when no one else is in the home.

The built-in periscope camera records videos that can be saved and accessed in the cloud. Thanks to the camera, you can use your smartphone to look for pets from a distance or whether certain groceries are still available when you go shopping.

Astro can also hear the sound of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, and automatically notifies owners on their cell phones.

Amazon is currently reporting after an initial test phase that the Astro subjects stated that the robot quickly « became part of their families » and that they « would miss the device in their house » after they had to return it.

The electronic roommate also « evoked emotions such as empathy » in the testers. The device should cost 1499 US dollars (equivalent to around 1280 euros). Initially, however, Astro will be available starting at $999 (€855) and only in the US.

A specific sales start date was not initially communicated. When the robot will be available in Europe is also still unclear.

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