An age-old secret kept under the roots of the tree is revealed

Hi there! Modern man has always been and remains interested in the history of our ancestors. It is for this reason that a wide variety of archaeological excavations are carried out.

All kinds of archaeological finds are examined – and they don’t always have to be the work of professional archaeologists or historians. They can also be ordinary citizens, such as landowners, artifact seekers, or even fishermen.

They often come across strange objects, unexplained preserved objects, the date of origin or purpose of which can only be determined by contacting local history museums or archaeological experts.

Anyone can come across something that might catch the eye of science. This was also the case this time around. Nature itself has decided to offer us something strange, and mysterious. Namely, she sent a huge storm upon the people of Ireland.

It’s a terrible storm that literally hit the village. Damage was caused to virtually all residents. It is frightening to think of all the harm this powerful wind can do, coming out of nowhere and disappearing into the unknown.

It’s possible other bylaws were damaged, but this one was publicized, and not just because of the hurricane. The storm was so strong that it uprooted an ancient tree from the ground, a beach known for its rather strong root system.

It was this object that had interested the inhabitants, because human remains, or more precisely a skeleton, had been discovered in its roots. What was their surprise to discover inside the rhizome, which had grown for several hundred years, the remains of bones.

No one in the village could have guessed who it was or how it got there. Naturally, scientists were immediately involved in this discovery. A preliminary examination showed that the bones belonged to a boy between 17 and 25 years old.

They were also able to determine that the man, by some sort of coincidence, had suffered serious injuries with a sharp instrument. It could well be an old spear. There could be many variations as to exactly how he died, what caused his death, or at whose hands.

Radiocarbon dating determined that the man died around 1000 years ago. To grasp the link between this « time traveler » and a period located thousands of years ago, it will be necessary to survey numerous archives and study the trajectories of tribal peoples and the locations of ancient human settlements.

Only then will it be possible to establish his nation and what exactly he was able to do in these lands. Archaeologists are currently continuing excavations at the site, and they may soon be able to uncover new secrets belonging to ancient man.

A closer examination of the floor may conceal utensils, tools, or weapons. Naturally, if any of this comes to the surface, the media is sure to report on it. All we can do is wait.

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