An ordinary house on the outside and everything inside is covered in gold

Have you often found that certain objects look different inside and outside? For example, in the Bryansk region, in the center of the Klimov district, a house is built that basically resembles many other similar structures.

Very often, stereotypes prevent people from living the way they want. Sometimes it is precisely this that becomes a stumbling block in the face of certain efforts and certain achievements. Some people have this very creative side that erases all boundaries and allows them to make reality what they want.

The hero of today’s article is exactly like that. With his golden hands, he created real royal rooms inside an ordinary village house. It’s a pity that the man is no longer alive. All of his works have survived in photographs, but one of them captivates at first glance.

Vladimir Filippovich Akulov was known to many people not only in this region and district. His house was always open to people who came to see him, and not just for fun. They were all very interested to see the unique interior of the house, created with their own hands.

Everyone who has visited the space, even once, has been amazed by the incredible contrast between the exterior of the building and its interior decoration. Everyone who entered the house was amazed because it is practically a royal mansion. It’s not unreasonable.

Paintings adorn the walls, complemented by lavish frames, and the rooms are filled with carved furniture. Naturally, all this is unusual for a classic village house. Vladimir not only came up with the idea of ​​​​shaping the interior of his house. Vladimir is a wood carver.

He wanted to show off his skills in his own home. It is worth noting that the man did not have special education and was self-taught. Unfortunately, during his long life, this master could not pass on his art to anyone else.

Even after his death, not a single drawing could be saved, because, after his death, which occurred at the age of 89, everything was sold and drunk by his own son.

It is very sad to search for such stories because it is hard to imagine how much effort, patience, and love have been put into every detail of the interior. A banal flower stand or a carved bread box are not simple objects, but products made with soul, decorations that warm with their warmth and originality.

It is unlikely that Vladimir wanted his creations to disappear in this way, but unfortunately, sometimes we cannot influence him, but there are a lot of advantages in this situation. This man is a shining example of the fact that a man can achieve a lot if he takes a risk if he wants to if he puts in the effort.

If you just want to, you can move mountains, and do things that can go down in history, in the memory, and in the hearts of other people.

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