Australia has surprised us more than once with its unusual and diverse fauna

Australia has surprised us more than once with its unusual and diverse fauna. Not only are there different marsupials there, but also huge lizards, spiders, and flying foxes. And it seems that local residents do not bother at all. Even if you had a barbecue, and a flock of 50 giant crabs came to you.

This is exactly what happened to an Australian family who had a picnic on Christmas Island. True, in the photo they look completely unfazed by the fact that dozens of coconut crabs or, as they are also called, palm thieves came to them.

These creatures are completely harmless to humans, even though they can reach a meter in length! They just have a very good sense of smell and as soon as they smell edible aromas, they immediately run to them.

So they came running to the barbecue, where, however, they did not look like arrogant thieves, but like little puppies waiting for what would fall from the master’s table.

« When we arrived, there were already about twenty crabs under the tree, » says one of the guests. « But when they started cooking, they started piling up around us. My son counted 52 crabs! His task was to pick them up and move them away from the table. I liked it! »

The most arrogant nevertheless tried to climb on the table and on the barbecue, and some even slipped up to the tents of the vacationers and were on duty there all night.

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